Go eBike Hire bike model Rad Mini Foldable

MINI MOUSE, Mountain, Road and Beach eBIKE

MINI MOUSE, Mountain, Road and Beach eBIKE

Foldable electric bike hire.

Don’t let the “mini” in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this eBike packs quite a punch when you’re ready for action and adventure. The Mini is a great option for smaller / younger riders!

The Rad Mini 4 comes with a smartphone mount, safety helmet and gold-rated bike lock from Litelok. Additional accessories such as child seats and surfboard carriers are available on request.

Start your eBike adventure from our base at Gwithian Towans or we can deliver the eBikes directly to you.

Key Features

30 km/h
Top Speed

250W Geared
Hub Motor

80 Km Range

250W Li-Ion


(incl. battery)

Foldable eBike Design

Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver a truly unique. The Rad Minis foldable design allows you to take your adventure to new places.

Robust Hinge Mechanism

The primary folding hinge has multiple safety redundancies to help prevent accidental unlatching and ensure the RadMini feels solid and secure when locked properly.

Go eBike Hire electric bike model Rad Mini Foldable eBike

Puncture-Resistant Tyres

Made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread, the Kenda K-Shield integrated tire liner is a line of defense designed to provide extra protection against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small materials that you may ride over along Cornwall's bike trails.

Go eBike Hire electric bike model Rad Mini Foldable eBike

7-Speed Drivetrain

A wider range of gearing at your disposal means more torque for Cornwall's steepest uphill climbs, whilst maintaining pedal authority at top speed.

Go eBike Hire electric bike model Rad Mini Foldable eBike

Front Suspension Fork

Custom Rad Power Bikes RST suspension fork has 80 mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout. Giving you the smoothest ride along Cornwalls varied terrain.

Go eBike Hire electric bike model Rad Runner Plus Phone Mount

Adjustable Smart Phone Mount

The GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount securely attaches to the handlebars of the eBike and provides a secure location to mount your phone, allowing you to load up our 'Favourite Routes' and begin your eBike adventure.